Graffiti 2011 Artist Talk Series Presents: LASK ONE speaking on his new book.

Saturday, December 17th at 2:00pm

Azucara NYC Gallery
414 West 145th Street
New York City


Steve Powers, Todd James and many more...


Downtown contemporary art gallery Klughaus Gallery is proud to announce its grand opening and inaugural exhibition titled, “Home for the Holidays,” on December 9, 2011. This group show will feature a diverse mix of mediums including paintings, photographs, sculptures and mixed media pieces. The exhibition will include a talented roster of emerging and established artists including Faust, Fuzz One, Greg Lamarche, Kimou ‘Grotesk’ Meyer, Jasper Patch, Katsu, Mr. Kiji, Michael Alan, Moody, Seb Gorey, Tom Gould, Topske, Veefer, and Vor138.

The opening reception on Friday, December 9, 2011 will be from 6:00pm-10:00pm. All are welcomed to attend the reception and may RSVP by emailing *Sponsored by Pabst.

The exhibition will be on display from:
December 9, 2011 - December 31, 2011

For more information, please contact:


JAMES TOP Productions Presents:
Graffiti 2011

Saturday December 10, 2011

Azucarera NYC Gallery
415 West 145th
New York City




Curated by Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo
Organized by Soraya Maelyng Marquez
DATE: December 1 through December 4, 2011
LOCATION: 167 NW 25th Street, The Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida 33127
TIME: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 1, 7pm – 10pm
Gallery Hours: December 2 - 4, 2011, 11am – 7pm
MIAMI, FL (December 2011) - Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo is pleased to present Rise To The Occasion, a solo exhibition of new original mixed media paintings and giclée prints by New York City based artist Cope 2.
Cope 2's first solo exhibition in The Wynwood Arts District of Miami, presents a collection of new works exploring the convergence of his signature, bubble letter and distinctive lettering style. He utilizes aerosol, enamel and acrylic paints creating an original collection of compositions infused with collages, messages, stylized tags and symbolic imagery.

For over 30 years, Cope 2 has risen to become the world’s most consistent, visibly committed, instantly recognizable and respected aerosol artists living.
The compositions in Rise To The Occasion are microcosms of Cope 2’s coming of age experience and overcoming obstacles as an aerosol artist. The exhibition relates the personal paradigms shifts of the complex and colorfully vivrant world of Cope 2.

Cope 2 made his presence in the New York City aerosol writing scene in 1978, spraypainting his moniker on subway trains. He developed his style in the subways and streets of the Bronx creating countless artistic productions from the 1980’s through 2000s achieving international recognition for his distinctive style.
Today, you can catch Cope 2 in the studio painting, bringing his raw energy into abstract masterpieces, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and signatures on canvases. Cope 2 crosses the boundaries between street culture and the fine art world.

Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo was born of Puerto Rican parentage in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan in 1978 and raised in the High Bridge Section of The Bronx. Ruíz Lorenzo is a writer, artist and curator. His work has exhibited at the International Center of Photography (New York), The California Museum of Photography (Riverside), Photographic Resource Center (Boston) and Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. He has curated at Hunter College of the City University of New York, bOb Gallery in NYC and has a series of exhibitions at Reem Kayden Gallery, Bard College.

Soraya Maelyng Marquez was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico by way of Dominican Republic. As native New Yorker she has been participating in the graffiti culture since 2001 as Indie184. She is also a designer and entrepreneur who founded female street wear brand Kweenz Destroy. She has also curated and organized numerous group exhibitions throughout New York City and Los Angeles. Currently, her artwork is on display in El Museo's Bienal: The (S) Files 2011 at El Museo Del Barrio in New York City.

For additional information or appointments, please contact Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo



"Back to our Roots"

A group Art Exhibition

Who: James Top Productions in association with The Azucarera NYC Gallery

Where: The Azucarera NYC Gallery 414 W.145 St. (Basement Level)

When: November 19,2011 To January 31, 2012

Why: Graffiti art (on NYC subway Maps), Soul Food & Alcohol & Non Alcohol Drinks. Sugar Hill Harlem, NYC October 21, 2011

Graffiti art was born, discovered, and celebrated by NYC youth uptown thus creating an art form, that is now world wide. In the early days the train map was primarily used to capture the genius of these new urban artist.

Many of the artists in this exhibition have given tremendous contributions to the evolution of this art. Now they will be going back to the same creative roots that was the inspiration of they expression not on the trains but on they're first canvass the "Subway" map.

See some of NYC most legendary names in the final major show of the 2011-year, leave you in a state of shock one map at a time.

"If you have never attended a graffiti art exhibition before this is the one you can't miss". Said Curator & Host James Top.

* Let it also be noted that famed street Photographer Jamel Shabazz Will be making a special photographic presentation

Artist: Doms, See TF, KR 1, Duro, Poes, Spar, Med, King Bee, CJ Statch, Casp, Danelle, Mastrion, Jean, Stem ynn, Archer, BG183, Jesus Saves, Vase, Duke 9, Haloz, Bilrock, Atom, Chief 69, Snake1, Slone, Blaq 88,Scratch, Phetus 88,Fatal, Elan, Alive 5 Edwin Cadiz, Goal, Sir Nutso, Klass, Err Orr, Part1, KC, Ban2 & Henry Chalfant.

The Azucarera NYC Gallery, Sugar Hill's most exclusive gallery is Located at 414 W.145 St. Btw St. Nicholas & Convent Avenues. (Basement level) will host this exhibition from November 19,2011 to January 31, 2012. For more info contact:

**VIP Media Only Opening, Friday November 18, 2011 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm

RSVP is required for admittance into this event Please email:

Event sponsors: Pie Printing, Jacob Restaurant, Tonnie's minies, Tuff City Styles, Crescent Graffiti Paper, Rockstar 69,NY State of Mind, & Graffiti NYC TV

Media & Sponsorship

*** Please RSVP For Saturday Nov.19Th Opening From 1:00pm to 6:00pm

Directions: A, B, C, D & 1 Trains to the 145 St. Station.

Lady Pink - Evolution

Woodward Gallery, New York City
November 5 - December 30, 2011
Artist reception Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 6-8pm

Support KickStart MARE 139 Exhibit



Carlos MARE139 Rodriguez


Help Kickstart this amazing exhibition by donating your support and receiving art in return. I can’t do this with out the help of our creative community and our supporters so help spread the Kickstarter url- or donate to the cause.

The more support we receive the more expansive the effort will become to advance the exhibition in the gallery and public space. This will be a groundbreaking effort for my sculptural graffiti works and I hope you all can be a part of it. My collaboration with John Wendelbo will push into new boundaries and we want you all to own a part of it by becoming advocates for the show.

What are we doing?

a LIVE 28 foot long, 8 foot tall graffiti and stencil mural outside the Carrack on Parrish Street Saturday Nov 19th: you, your kids, somebody gets to bring home a part of the wall, and it’s all during Durham ART WALK.

What’s the deal?

The wall mural has been subdivided into a bunch of panels of different sizes, some 1’x1’ and up to 4’x8’. We are pre-selling only blank panels ahead of time to pay for the show (we have a seriously wild installation for you that week end indoors at the Carrack): you can purchase a panel, you have no idea what will be on it besides the excellent Art of any and all MARE139 / WENDELBO collaborations. What you do know is that it’s going to be awesome, raw, genuine and authentic. Of course panel sales stop before the beginning of the performance, wouldn’t be fair otherwise! We also DO NEED to pre-sell $1000 within the next two weeks to make sure all goes smoothly.

Hi Arts NYC pledges to match $2,500 towards the show if we meet that goal!

To get more info, view a video of a 3D sculpture we will be using as the basis for one of our lay-ups, or to buy a panel now and visit our kickstarter page here! (simply follow the ‘back this project’ button once you’re there).

See you on Saturday November 19th downtown Durham at 111 west Parrish Street!


Drawings & Paintings from the Freedom Tunnel 1980-1996
September 12 -October 12, 2011

Then and Now: New works by Ghost RIS


Opening Reception:
September 8th; 6pm-10pm

Exhibit Run:
September 8th - 18th, 2011
(Closed Monday)

It’s safe to say GHOST’s legendary status in the lore of NYC subway graffiti’s past was not achieved with some self-consciously plotted career path to art world success. In fact, GHOST was more concerned with the transgression than the aesthetics of letters at the time- and transgress he did. He hated the preciousness of some writers, and attributes his loose, un-planned, flowing style --that persists to this day-- to needing to get up and get away. When he later took to drawing, he elaborated on his own aesthetic and dark humor by creating crazily inventive and irreverent possibilities for his letters and characters. Soon after, he merged these ink apparitions with his street-borne skills as a colorist, and has continued to enjoy a level of facility and mastery of these forms for some time now—and without the level of risk of the old days.

But there is something of the old intensity--a visual measure of the lengths he was and is willing to go- that marks this recent abstract work. Something has broken through and broken free. The mastery and confidence is there, even the taunting, graphic lines of the old character/letter mutation, but something has happened in this push though into complete abstraction. Kaleidoscopic forms that both forge and break their ties to graffiti undulate in front of a moody, murky atmosphere that conjures the dark smudge of old New York or an unconscious at home in dank spaces of the cities’ underground. The urban, otherworldly space he has created, fore grounded by the glimmering, twisting forms viscerally pushing to the front, signal a startling originality and immediacy characteristic of GHOST’s infamous work of old—embarking on completely new territory.

Written by Barrie Cline


Exhibition offers new works by famed NYC graffiti artist opens September 15, 2011

Inspired by tragedy, love and New York City.

Long Island City, NY —Opening September 15th, the Aurora Gallery is proud to host an all-new series from renowned New York City graffiti artist and muralist Hector “Nicer” Nazario. The series, entitled “Like a Child at Play,” began taking shape after the tragic death of Nicer’s only child by a stray bullet in the Bronx in July 2010. Each piece in “Like a Child at Play” features painted works interpreting Nicer’s childhood memories of growing up in New York.


September 17th - October 8th, 2011

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 17th, 2011 / 8-11pm
Valet Parking Provided


Subliminal Projects is proud to present its opening fall show 3 Kings, on view September 17 through October 8, 2011. In classic NYC Subway Graffiti lore, a "King" is one who has achieved the most recognition for not only excellence in style but for the mark they have made on the culture. For over thirty years these "3 Kings" have been at the top of the game. Their history-making rise to international prominence from the subway tunnels of New York City was recently chronicled in MOCA's "Art In The Streets" exhibition. At Subliminal Projects they will be presenting their contemporary work created exclusively for this exhibition along with classic pieces. Please join us at a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 17, from 8-11p.m.

Fab 5 Freddy is well known as Hip Hop's ambassador to the world. His early work with Blondie on the hit "Rapture," his creation of the seminal film "Wild Style" (directed by Charlie Ahearn) and his groundbreaking shows at the FUN Gallery brought graffiti art, rap music and break-dancing to the big stage. He would go on to co-produce and host "Yo, MTV Raps!", the first show to regularly feature this culture on TV. Starting with his famous "Campbell's Soup Can" subway car homage to Andy Warhol, Fred has been at the vanguard-- and his new work is no exception.

Lee Quinones is generally recognized as the greatest graffiti artist of all time. His ten whole car train with the Fabulous Five is a feat that has never been matched. Lee was also the creator of the graffiti writers' creed, "If art is a crime, let God forgive me." From his first show at the FUN Gallery in 1982 "Rust-O-LEEum", he has never looked back, expanding his painting in extremely sophisticated ways while often including a touching look at the past.

Futura 2000 had his first one man show at the FUN Gallery in 1981 and with his unique, ethereal style became one of the FUN's most successful artists. He was instrumental in bringing graffiti art to Europe and beyond with rock group The Clash, painting back drops on tour and designing album art. Futura was also one of the first artists to work with manufacturers of transformer figures and clothing designs. His otherworldly new work is always eagerly awaited.

In 1981, Patti Astor was famous as "The Queen of The Downtown Screen". Having worked with such directors as Amos Poe, Jim Jarmusch and Eric Mitchell, she was starring in her 12th beyond low budget "No Wave Cinema" film, UNDERGROUND USA, (the punk rock Sunset Boulevard), enjoying a six month run as the midnight movie at the St. Mark's Cinema. Fab 5 Freddy (Fred Brathwaite) had come downtown to check it out and so the "King of Uptown" met the "Queen of Downtown".

Unbelievably at that time no one in the downtown Mudd Club scene had ever heard of graffiti art, break-dancing or rap. However, that was soon to change. With partner Bill Stelling, Patti opened FUN Gallery, the first art gallery in NYC's East Village. From 1981-1985 this gritty tenement storefront was the epicenter of the early 80's cultural explosion in art, music and dance. With Fab 5 Freddy leading the way, downtown punk rock met uptown hip-hop. English rockers The Clash and the Sex Pistols partied with Futura 2000 and the Rock Steady Crew, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf traded tags with DONDI and LEE and Jean Michel Basquiat spun platters with Afrika Bambaata, everyone rocking to the box at the FUN, while renowned collectors, art historians and museum directors joined in the party.

Though the FUN Gallery's duration was brief, the barriers had come down and the art world would never be the same.

Join these longtime friends and veterans of the most important cultural explosion of the last thirty years at our fall exhibition 3 Kings.

1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
P. 213.213.0078
F. 213.213.0077



After the successful opening of GOSSIP WELL TOLD in London this past July, the exhibition has been invited to take over a section of the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery as part of the first Warrington Contemporary Art Festival this September. The Warrington Museum and Art Gallery’s first ever contemporary arts festival this month celebrates emerging and acclaimed artists and performers from September 24 to October 29, 2011.

Having been presented with the honour of bringing this exhibition to a Museum setting, ‘Gossip Well Told’ has taken the opportunity to expand on its roster to include such artists as Berliner Jaybo, Australias Anthony Lister & London’s finest D*FACE.

GOSSIP WELL TOLD, Curated by Frankie Shea & Tina Ziegler
Exhibiting Artists: Alex Fakso, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine, Case, Cheryl Dunn, Dabs & Myla, D*FACE, Herakut, Faith47, How & Nosm, Jaybo, Kaws, Luke Chueh, Phil Frost, Swoon

Gossip Well Told exhibits new and original artworks and installations by internationally recognised artists from a movement spawned through word of mouth, a movement that brought colour to the streets of the world’s most exciting cities and spread like wildfire via the internet. This is a scene fuelled by the artists and lovers of the art itself. It has received little support from the conventional British art establishments and is only now beginning to receive the wider attention and credit it deserves in the UK with Warrington Museum making the first big step by inviting these artists to fill its white walls. An innovating, DIY mentality of not waiting to be invited is the philosophy that has built the scene and made it what it is today. GOSSIP WELL TOLD brings to Warrington the most progressive, talked-about work on the art wires right now and will offer a taste of what can be expected at this year’s 2011 edition of Moniker Art Fair.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 23rd. 19:00.
Exhibition on show: September 24th to October 29th 2011

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
Cultural Quarter. Museum Street.
Warrington, WA1 1JB



Saturday, July 30 12:00 -6:00 pm
Where: 5POINTZ, Long Island City Queens Jackson Avenue and 45th Road

The Usual Suspects

August 5th brings us 'The Usual Suspects". A graffiti show featuring an awesome line up of old school graffiti artists, most of whom are from Brooklyn, got their start in the 70's and early 80's, and most of whom are still doing it.


The HOLE presents:
Featuring : TAKI 183

July 21
7-10 pm
312 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

Forty years ago, an article in the July 21, 1971 issue of the New York Times titled: TAKI183 SPAWNS PENPALS - ignited the graffiti movement in New York.
On the 40th anniversary of this article, July 21, 2011, TAKI 183 will arrive – for a special event with Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon, the authors of THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI, to which TAKI 183 wrote the foreword.

Special guests from WRITERS' CORNER 188:
SNAKE 1 • SJK 171 • MIKE 171 • ROCKY 184
TAKI 183 signed prints will be for sale.

Only copies of HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI will be signed.

World Piecebook launch

Come celebrate the release of Sacha Jenkins SHR and David "Chino" Villorente's World Piecebook: Global Graffiti Drawings--the third book inside of their critically-acclaimed Piecebook series.

Copies of World Piecebook will be available for purchase, free limited edition World Piecebook t-shirt with the first 100 books, (plus Jenkins and Villorente will be proud to sign your copy). The night begins with a discussion on the history and importance of piece books featuring noted artists Doves FC, Kr.One and Mr. Kaves.

DJ Treats and the legendary and mighty Prince Paul will be on the wheels of steel playing the best possible music on the planet.

You must let them know you are attending:

World Piecebook:​/06/22/graffiti-world-piec​ebook-street-art/

Friday, July 22 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm
The Redbull Space
15 Watts St
New York, New York 10013


Mr. Kaves: “New York, New York: Big City of Dreams”

Hionas Gallery
89 Franklin Street, 212-274-9003
Tribeca / Downtown
July 15 - August 13, 2011
Opening: Thursday, July 14, 6 - 8 PM